Once you have found the deal you want - simply calculate your delivery cost and click 'Apply Now' and complete the online form.

If your application is successful, you will receive an order form within 24 hours - although we can usually approve within a couple of hours.

No, we have customers who have 1 vehicle, and would be happy to discuss fleet management for larger customers.

We always need a copy of: Full UK Driving License, Fully Comprehensive Insurance Certificate, proof of address and a copy of your UK Passport – sometimes we may need additional information.

We would be happy to help you – additional security will be needed in most cases.

Yes – we order the vehicles from the manufacturer specifically for you.

So long as the vehicle is on our fleet list, you can order that specific vehicle. We will take your first 2 choices of colour, but cannot guarantee.

Yes – as we make our own decisions on each deal individually, please feel free to apply. We will be looking at your current circumstances, affordability and stability more than your past.

Most of our vehicles are purchased for you on special rental terms. There might be limited numbers of models and colours available, but we will always try to accommodate your preferences. All vehicles subject to availability.

No. You must provide FULLY comprehensive insurance cover in the name on the rental agreement. That cover must be applicable to every driver. We do not provide damage waiver cover. Should you wish to be referred to our recommended insurance provider for a quote, please contact us for details.

You deal with the situation exactly as you would if you owned the vehicle. You would advise the police and your insurance company that you have been involved in an accident and that Prestige Contract Rental is the vehicle owner. You must also advise us in writing / email to cs@pcrleasing.co.uk within 24 hours. Any moneies received from an insurer must be paid directly to Prestige Contract Rental. Any repairs must be arranged for and paid for by the renter or the renters insurer through a manufacturer / insurance approved repairer.

Absolutely not. The vehicle can only be used by the authorised driver(s), employed by the main renter whether they are a limited company, partnership, solder trader, or private individual.

Yes, provided they are a named driver on your comprehensive insurance policy.

I am afraid not. The vehicle may only be used within Mainland UK.

Yes. Only to be used Mainland UK. No sub-letting, no motorsport, no use as a taxi, no use as a rental vehicle, no use as a courier vehicle.

Yes. Every vehicle has full telematics fleet management. There is an exact record of where every vehicle is in real time, and there is a telematics record of every accident. This data can be accessed by the renter and his driver, if authorised.

Only those shown against each rental offer. The contract lengths vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, as we have difference arrangements with suppliers.

No, but feel free to ask. We may have a special offer that isn't on our website.

Yes. All vehicles must be delivered to the address on the rental agreement. The delivery / collection fee will be calculated prior to your application.

Yes. We subscribe to the BVRLA end of contract guidelines regarding fair and tea. You will be charged for any damage that falls outside of the policy. Excess mileage is 50p per mile for the 1,000 over contract - then £1 per mile thereafter. It is your responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is returned in good condition, and within mileage limits.

It is your financial responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is fitted with tyres 'like for like'. If a vehicle comes back with sub-standard tyres, you will be charged to fit the correct tyres. Likewise, if a vehicle is returned with tread too low, or damage to the side wall - a charge will be made for replacement tyres. It is worth noting that if we arrive to collect the vehicle, and there is damage to the sidewall of tyre - we may not be able to take the vehicle until they are replaced.

If you have the opportunity to pay the fine before it reaches us then you should do so immediately. If the fine / offence comes to our office, then we will invoice you for the fine, along with a £50+VAT administration charge.

Yes, usually for the first 12 months, as per the manufacturers policy - although there may be some restrictions. Please check manufacturer website links.

No - although for the majority of our contracts, the vehicle will not require a service. Contracts that are 12 months or more, or whereby the mileage requires a service - please note that this is your responsibility to have it done at a franchise dealer, and at your cost.

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